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Emma is a freelance writer and broadcaster with a love of Europe. She's spent time living in 4 European countries to date, including her own 'not in Schengen' country, the UK. The Double Duvet Debate was created to highlight the often funny trials and tribulations of the cross cultural landscape which is Europe, on which she often reports; and her own cross cultural personal relationship between England and Germany.

Rage Against the Machine

Raging against the bureaucratic machine is a common pastime for people of almost all nations.  But when you have to deal with each others bureaucracy, the opportunity for comedy, merriment, sarcasm, frustration and pure rage is never far away.  The … Continue reading

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Football – Divide and Rule or United we Stand?

I was waiting originally to write this post on Thursday, when, I stupidly thought that perhaps, just maybe, possibly, by a tiny margin, England could have beaten Italy, shown that pluck and courage that they have, but combined it with … Continue reading

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Staying on the theme of bedding, pillows are another thing which seem to be divided cross culturally, although this is wider than Germany / England and is probably yet another Europe vs UK divide.  In Britain, of course people have … Continue reading

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The Double Duvet Debate

Who knew that the type of duvet you choose as a couple, and the style you’re used to in your respective countries could cause so much debate, and indeed horror, when faced with adopting said duvet in the other country. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

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