Staying on the theme of bedding, pillows are another thing which seem to be divided cross culturally, although this is wider than Germany / England and is probably yet another Europe vs UK divide.  In Britain, of course people have a variety of different pillows, some like 2 or 3, some have specially designed ergonomic ones, lattice ones, rubber filled, down filled, hollow fibre filled.  Some in the seventies, I remember, used to be filled with little chunks of foam and sponge which after a lot of use would be pretty lumpy when sleeping on them.  So pillows perhaps are more of a personal choice and less of a divide, but in Britain, whatever they’re filled with, however many we have, and however thick or thin they are, they’re generally, at least the ones we lay our heads on, rather than the ones that sit prettily on a bed in design magazines, oblong.  Our continental cousins on the other hand favour large square ones, and from my experience in Germany, quite floppy thin ones which then have to be bolstered by another harder pillow or bolster underneath.  I’m missing my British pillows and am thinking that I will have to ship a load across when I move here so as to recreate my heimat’s sleeping patterns as best as possible.  M on the other hand loves his big square floppy pillows and suffers with the strange bouncy oblong ones in Britain that don’t support his torso enough, and envelop him in lovely continental comfort and goose feathered glueck.


About thedoubleduvetdebate

Emma is a freelance writer and broadcaster with a love of Europe. She's spent time living in 4 European countries to date, including her own 'not in Schengen' country, the UK. The Double Duvet Debate was created to highlight the often funny trials and tribulations of the cross cultural landscape which is Europe, on which she often reports; and her own cross cultural personal relationship between England and Germany.
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